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Why the name ZOOKS? …… Well, I guess I got ZOOK’D!!
I have lived in Tea for over 27 years, raised a family, been involved in the community and the school system. When starting this journey, I knew I wanted a name that was catchy, unexpected and that fit with the unique atmosphere. And to create an experience for the people of Tea and the surrounding areas that wouldn’t be forgotten.

Scrolling through Instagram one day and I saw somebody who had named their dog Zooka. I instantly loved the name and got to thinking maybe that would be something fun for my coffee shop brand. So, I made a slight change and from that day on ZOOKS was stuck in my head.

My hope is that you walk into our space and enjoy the big city vibe while at the same time feel like you’re hanging out with an old friend. We serve great coffee but more than that, everything we do from the menu right down to the artwork, is a personal gift and appreciation to our wonderful community of Tea.
Obviously, ZOOKS isn’t an actual word but I decided to go with it because it’s quirky (and to be honest, fun to say). Below is our own definition of ZOOKS in both noun and verb.
Now, it’s your turn to “Get ZOOK’D”!

ZOOKS [zuks]….


ZOOK’D [zukd]….

Verb (I Got Zook’d and/or Get Zook’d)

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